Lucky straps camera accessories skyrocket clicks

Lucky Straps: Camera Accessories Skyrocket Clicks

 In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, where online visibility is critical to success, a remarkable SEO journey unfolded for Lucky Straps. On a fateful day in May 2022, a dedicated SEO effort was set in motion, leading to a transformation that not only boosted their online presence but also enhanced the user experience and engagement.

Semrush Report

Ahrefs Report

Lucky Straps achieved a remarkable SEO breakthrough by effectively resolving issues with Ahrefs, resulting in a 100 percent improvement in their website’s performance. Monthly visitors increased from 0 to 25K, showcasing their outstanding success in optimizing their online presence.

Google Search Console Issues

From 0 Clicks to 25k Clicks:

Recall the days when Lucky Straps garnered a mere (0) zero clicks, struggling to stand out in the digital crowd. Fast forward to the present, and the transformation is awe-inspiring—an astonishing 25K clicks.



In just a matter of months, a thorough combination of technical SEO prowess, meticulous

On-page optimization and strategic content planning came into play. The result? A monumental surge in visibility that no one could have foreseen.

 Behind this quick rise lies an in-depth technical SEO overhaul that addressed every conceivable hindrance to Lucky Straps’ ascent.

Merchant Listing

Merchant Listing

Our merchant listing solution has successfully addressed and resolved all issues previously associated with it. With enhanced functionality and streamlined processes, merchants can now effortlessly list their products and services.


Our solution ensures a seamless experience, allowing merchants to efficiently manage their listings and maximize their online visibility.

Security issues, optimization,

Security Issues optimization

Our expert team of SEO has solved the security issues of Lucky Strap

Product Snippets

Product Snippets

Our expert team of SEO has solved the product snippets issue for Lucky Strap

Logo Structure data

Logo organization Structure data

From fixing Search Console issues and merchant center hiccups to carefully fixing product warnings and errors, every hurdle was destroyed. This concerted effort not only propelled the site up the search rankings but also laid the foundation for healthy growth

Page Indexing:

Optimized Indexing

The client was facing issues with page indexing, and our team of experts successfully resolved these problems.



 In a world where speed and mobile friendliness are paramount, Lucky Straps faced hurdles in delivering a seamless experience. Pages were sluggish, and the portable usability test posed challenges for some of their flagship products. However, with unwavering determination, these issues were tackled head-on.

Mobile Friendliness

The team harnessed the power of optimization, revamping the site’s loading speed and ensuring that it passed the mobile-friendliness litmus test with flying colors. The result was a smoother user experience, translating to increased engagement and conversions

The Result?

Lucky Straps achieved a remarkable SEO breakthrough by effectively resolving issues with Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Search Console. They transformed a poorer, miserable website that highlighted core pages and offerings. 

By removing spam and redundant carriers, Lucky Straps began providing search engines with only the most valuable and relevant content, significantly improving its search engine standing. This resulted in a 100 percent improvement in their website’s performance, with monthly visitors increasing from 382 to 193K, showcasing their outstanding success in optimizing their online presence.

Client Satisfaction:

At the heart of this case study lies not just numbers but the satisfaction of Lucky Straps’ clients. With every technical glitch fixed, every content piece refined, and every aspect of SEO meticulously executed, the client’s vision for their website became a reality.

The journey from uncertainty to acclaim was a collaborative effort, a testament to the partnership forged between Lucky Straps and its dedicated SEO team


The saga of Lucky Straps’ SEO transformation stands as a testament to the power of expertise, dedication, and strategic thinking. From the shadows of obscurity to the limelight of the digital realm, the journey was nothing short of a triumph. 

As Lucky Straps continues to sail the seas of e-commerce with the newfound wind in its sails, this case study will serve as a guiding star for businesses aiming to conquer the digital frontier.

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