A big seo success how growthhunter.com improved online visibility

A Big SEO Success: How GrowthHunter.com Improved Online Visibility

Imagine sailing in a big sea where lots of other boats are trying to get attention. That’s what Growth Hunter faced online. But by using smart SEO tricks, our experts managed to go from having no clicks to getting 278 clicks in just one month! This story will show you how we did it.

The Challenge

Before the SEO magic, GrowthHunter.com had some big problems. Nobody was clicking on their website when they searched online. Imagine having a store but nobody coming in to shop! Their website also had technical issues that made it slow and not work well on phones. They had warnings and errors on Google that made things worse.

The SEO Solution

Fixing Technical Problems:

First, we fixed all the technical problems on their website. This made it faster and worked better on phones.

We made sure their website was friendly for mobile users. Before, some important stuff didn’t work well on phones, but our SEO experts fixed it.


Ahrefs Report

Ahref report

Growth Hunter experienced remarkable growth by resolving digital marketing issues with the help of Ahrefs. Their efforts led to a 100% increase in monthly website visitors, demonstrating how Ahrefs’ tools and expertise can be a game-changer for businesses seeking success online.

Before Performance Clicks

Before Performance Clicks

After Performance Clicks

By actively working on link-building strategies and optimizing their website, a company saw a significant increase in the number of links indexed by Google Search Console.

Mobile Usability

Mobile usability

We have optimized their website for mobile devices.

Better Content:

  • We got rid of bad content and focused on making the important parts of the website better.
  • We made sure their website gave Google the right information so it could show up in searches.

Making Websites Better for Google

  • We make sure to find the right words people were using to search for sailing stuff and used those words on their website.
  • Then we wrote good content that gave useful information to people looking for sailing things.

The Results:

These changes had a big impact! In just one month, they went from zero clicks to 278 clicks. It’s like going from no customers to lots of customers visiting your site. The client was really happy with how things turned out.


GrowthHunter.com’s story shows how SEO can make a big difference. By fixing technical issues, making content better, and being friends with Google, they turned their luck around. This story can inspire other businesses to improve their online visibility and do better in the digital world.

Here is a result of product snippets issues on their website after our SEO.

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