Jewelry store’s great seo journey from 60 clicks to 637

Jewelry Store’s Great SEO Journey: From 60 Clicks to 637

Classic Jewelry Gifts is an online Shopify jewelry store that has undergone a remarkable transformation with the power of SEO. In just a few months, the website’s clicks skyrocketed from 60 to an impressive 637. This feat was achieved through strategic SEO techniques and thoughtful planning.

The Situation initially faced the challenge of limited visibility due to the new site. The website had received only 60 clicks in the previous month. However, with the implementation of essential SEO strategies, this number multiplied significantly

The SEO Strategies

The SEO strategy for Classic Jewelry encompassed three vital aspects:

  • Technical SEO: This involved fixing underlying website SEO issues and enhancing its speed and functionality.
  • On-page optimization: This involved keeping the basics right so we applied basics to the advanced level of on-page SEO optimization.
  • Content planning and writing: This involved developing informative content that resonated with both visitors and search engines.

What we did

In addition to the SEO strategies mentioned above, our team also tackled technical challenges, ensuring a smoother user experience:

Ahrefs Report

Improving SEO with Ahrefs: Unleash the Power of Data-driven Insights for Enhanced Online Visibility and Competitive Analysis

Before our work

Ahref report

After our work

After our Work

Google Search Console fixes

We rectified issues related to merchant centers, review snippets, breadcrumbs, and errors that matter for better online visibility.

Performance Before Our Work

Performance After Our Work

after work

Optimizing Website Performance for Faster Loading Speed and Increased the number of clicks from 6 to 637

Product Snippets

Product snippet

Efficiently Resolving Product Snippet Issues for Improved Performance

Sitelink Searchbar

Sitelink Search Bar

Simplifying Navigation with a Sitelink Search Bar for Quick and Easy Access to Desired Content

Empowering Users with a Sitelink Search Bar to Effortlessly Find Relevant Information on the Website

Review Snippets

Review Snippets

Our team of experts displayed the Review Snippets to Showcase Customer Feedback and Enhance Credibility



Boosted the Brand Recognition with Eye-Catching Logos for Increased Trust and Recognition


Enhanced the Website Navigation with Breadcrumbs for a Clear and Intuitive User Journey

Merchant Listing

Streamlining Our Merchant Listing for Enhanced Search Engine Visibility



Classic Jewelry’s pages were slow and unfriendly to mobile users. We took decisive action to resolve these issues.

Speed and Mobile Friendliness
  • Faster loading: We improved page loading speed, ensuring that visitors didn’t have to wait.
  • Mobile-friendly enhancement: We made important products pass the mobile-friendly test, ensuring a seamless experience for mobile users.
Mobile Usability

Client Satisfaction

The true conclusion of this journey is the client’s happiness. With clicks, visibility, and engagement on the rise, Classic Jewelry’s success story is a testament to the power of effective SEO strategies.


In the end, Classic Jewelry’s journey from minimal clicks to digital stardom highlights the potential of SEO. Through dedication and targeted techniques, even the smallest businesses can achieve substantial online success, making their mark in the digital landscape.

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