How to Fix Crawled Currently not Indexed

How to Fix Crawled Currently Not Indexed

Did you receive an email about page indexing issues by Google search console one of the reason is “crawled currently not indexed” issues?

It can be due to the reported pages being new and Google sometimes takes time to index pages so it first put them in the crawled currently not indexed or sometimes discovered section.

That could also be the quality issue. You can check if the Google last crawled date is earlier than 3 to 4 weeks then we can either request index manually or we can improve the quality of the content to make it better useful.

Another reason could be /feed (WordPress) or .atom(Shopify) URLs. These URLs are there for communication between the internet systems and don’t necessarily to be indexed. You can such pages as these contain the code mostly. Ideally, we shouldn’t block them from being crawled so it serves the purpose for what it is created.

Example: A client has reported Crawled – currently not indexed and he has started validation which failed. I checked the report and found there are many /feed URLs so I explained the reason and asked you to ignore the /feed URLs and just find the important ones in the list.

The client shared another URL which was one of the main website URLs. I checked its index status and quickly found that the pages were indexed already and these pages will be removed from the “Crawled – currently not indexed” list soon.

Here is the screenshot of the indexed URL

How to Fix Crawled – Currently Not Indexed

The URLs which were crawled a long time ago but still didn’t indexed can be mainly due to quality issues.

We can improve the content of these pages to make it useful for the users hence search engines would index them. Google or any other search engine does not index 100% of the website. However, you can do the following steps to fix crawled currently not indexed issues.

  1. Manually request these URLs for indexing
  2. Increase internal links to these pages
  3. Spread the word to get natural backlinks on your important pages.
  4. Improve the content of the page to make it better useful.

Which Types of Pages are Not Indexed Normally

  1. Tag pages (archive pages) that content writers normally attach to blog pages without considering their usefulness. These pages often consist of blog links which can easily be found on multiple other pages like blog, category, tag, and date.
  2. Feed URLs that are normally suffixed with /feed or .atom.
  3. Search pages, filter pages, cart, and checkout types of the pages. These are there for functionality and don’t need to be indexed.
Such pages can live as it is as it contains filter pages with ? symbol and .atom pages which are not their for a user but for a bots.

Fix Crawled currently Not Indexed Service

If you are unsure about fixing these issues then you can hire an expert from platforms like Fiverr or Upwork so that they can help you find the most important non-indexed pages and fix them.

Remember; there is no quick way to clear crawled currently not indexed issues but if we manage to find our important pages and do as I explained above to index then we can benefit from this report.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.


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