Gsmpro cls seo breakthrough-from 382 to 193K visitors per month

GSMPRO.CL SEO Case Study: 193K Clicks from 382

Imagine being in a busy marketplace where many sellers are competing for customers. That’s exactly what experienced online. But by using smart SEO tricks, they went from having no clicks to getting an impressive 193K clicks in a short time! This story will show you how our experts did it.

The Challenge

Before the SEO magic, had some big problems. Nobody was clicking on their website when they searched online. Imagine having a store but nobody coming in to shop! Just like this their website also had technical issues that made it slow and not work well on phones. They had warnings and errors on Google that made things worse.

The SEO Solution

We have fixed the Technical problems, on-page, and off-page issues for this site.

Fixing Technical Problems:

First, they fixed all the technical problems on their website. This made it faster and worked better on phones. 

Clicks Before Performance

Fixing Technical Problems Before Performance

Clicks After Performance


They made sure their website was friendly for mobile users. Before, some important stuff didn’t work well on phones, but they fixed it.

Mobile Usability

Mobile Usability

We have fixed the mobile usability issues on their website.

Product Snippets

Product Snippets

We have fixed the Product Snippets issues. 

Merchant Listing

Merchant Listing

We have fixed the Merchant Listing issues.


Bread Crumbs

We have fixed the Breadcrumbs issue.

Making Websites Better for Google:

They found the right words people were using to search for sailing stuff and used those words on their website.

They wrote good content that gave useful information to people looking for sailing things.

The Results:

These changes had a big impact! In just a short time, they went from zero clicks to 193K clicks. It’s like going from no customers to lots of customers visiting your site. The client was really happy with how things turned out.

Conclusion:’s story shows how SEO can make a big difference. By fixing technical issues, making content better, and being friends with Google, they turned their luck around. This story can inspire other businesses to improve their online visibility and do better in the digital world

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