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You may come across the Page Indexing issues in the Google search console that says “Page with Redirect”. In this article, I will explain what the “page with redirect” issue is, when should we fix it, when should we keep it and how to fix it.

What is a “Page with redirect” Error

In a Page with a redirect issue, Google actually reports a page that redirects to another page. This page with redirect can be referenced through third-party websites or internal links from within the website. The page with redirect is a usual phenomenon in the website management process. When a URL is set to redirect to another URL then the destination URL should be indexed and not the redirected URL. The redirected URL is not accessible to the users (reader) so it is not useful for the search engine as well. That is why google doesn’t index such URLs. Find out what google says in its official documentation about this google search console error

When the ABC page redirects to XYZ then XYZ would be indexed while the ABC page would be put under the “page with redirect” section without index.

Should We Fix the “Page with redirect” Issue

Leave it as it is When URL looks legitimate but has a trailing slash difference: Sometimes we have URLs that are important for a website but if we analyze the User-declared canonical then there is normally a difference of trailing slash. This can be vice-versa. A trailing slash URL may redirect to a non-trailing slash URL. In this case, we should follow the canonical URL of the web page and change the referring internal link with a destination link.

Fix it When a reported URL has an editable referring page: Google can pick the page with a redirect either from third-party websites or the website itself. In any case, if we have access to the content of a website then we can replace the redirect URL with its final destination.

Leave it as it is when a URL is unknown and not important for your website user: If the reported URL is not important for your reader then you can ignore it.

Leave it as it is when you don’t have access to the referring page(s): We can ignore the page with redirect if we don’t have access to referring website. You can click on the search icon to check the indexed URL and its referring pages.

Leave it as it is when your URL is pointing to a canonical URL: Sometimes we have a main (canonical) URL set to non-www like and all other variations such as gets redirected to the main URL

Leave it as it is when an http:// is redirecting to https://: Sometimes we have a proper SSL/secure URL like and all other non-https (http://) version redirects to https:// version.

A Quick Test

Suppose we have a website and have indexing issues with a reason of page with redirect as mentioned in the image, what should you do for this case? Leave a comment, I will be happy to have your thought?


Does it impact badly on SEO if we leave the Page with Redirect as it is in the Google Search Console?

No, unless the reported page is not important for your user it has no issues and no bad impact on SEO. If the page is a legitimate canonical page and the redirect was set up unintentionally then we have an issue. Please make sure to replace necessary redirect links with the destination URLs.

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