Steve jobs thought provoking quotes

Steve Jobs’ Thought-Provoking Quotes

Steve Jobs served as the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. He was also a co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and NeXT. Jobs was renowned for his innovative approach to business and his dedication to design. He is acknowledged as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.

The Origins of Steve Jobs' Quotes

Steve Jobs’ quotes were inspired by his personal experiences, his worldview, and his determination to make a difference. He was a visionary who believed that with determination, anything was achievable. His quotes reflect his zest for life and his faith in human potential.

Steve Jobs Quotes on Life

Remember that time is a finite resource & refrain from wasting it by living someone else’s

1. Remember that time is a finite resource and refrain from wasting it by living someone else’s.

2. People who have the audacity to think they can alter the world are frequently successful.

3. Don’t let the clamor of other people’s opinions stifle your inner voice.

4. Life might occasionally hurl a brick your way. Don’t give up.

5. The ultimate prize is the voyage itself.

6. Since your profession will take up a sizable chunk of your life, doing work you think is outstanding will provide you great satisfaction.

Steve Jobs Quotes on Mortality

1. All of us must eventually arrive at death. Nobody can get around it.

2. A strong method to escape the trap of thinking you have something to lose is to be aware of your mortality.

Time is a limited resource make the most of it by leading a genuine life

3. Time is a limited resource; make the most of it by leading a genuine life.

4. In retrospect, I can say that being fired from Apple was the finest thing that ever happened to me. The flexibility of starting over as a beginning and having less certainty about things took the place of the weight of success. In my life, it sparked an era of extraordinary creativity.

5. The greatest significant invention in life is probably death. It serves as a catalyst for change throughout life.

6. Your employment will take up a large portion of your life, so be sure you enjoy what you do.

Steve Jobs Quotes on Work

1. As work will take up a significant portion of your life, following your passions will provide you true satisfaction.

2. Loving what you do is the secret to producing outstanding work.

3. I am adamant that persistence is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the competition.

The characteristic that sets leaders apart from followers is innovation

4. The characteristic that sets leaders apart from followers is innovation.

5. Great accomplishments in business are the outcome of cooperation, not the efforts of one individual.

6. Your job is more than simply a means of support; it plays a big role in who you are. As a result, make sure it’s something you enjoy and are proud of.

Steve Jobs Quotes on Leadership

1. Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers.

2. Hiring smart individuals and telling them what to do is not a good idea. We employ intelligent people so they can advise us on what to do.

3. Those who dare to think they can alter the world often succeed in doing so.

4. Although leadership is about inspiring people to achieve something they never thought possible, management includes convincing individuals to do what they may not want to do.

Its not my job to make people’s lives simple my responsibility is to aid their improvement

5. It’s not my job to make people’s lives simple. My responsibility is to aid their improvement.

6. The best approach to foresee the future is to create a
ate it.

Steve Jobs Quotes on Technology

1. Technology, in itself, is insignificant. What truly matters is having faith in people, recognizing their inherent goodness and intelligence, and providing them with the tools to achieve remarkable feats.

2. Innovation sets leaders apart from followers.

3. Design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality.

We re deeply passionate about what we do

4. We’re deeply passionate about what we do.

5. The computer is the most remarkable tool ever conceived. It’s akin to a bicycle for our minds.

6. We’re here to leave a lasting impact on the world. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of being here?

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