Lawyers uae improved online visibility with seo

Lawyers UAE improved online visibility with SEO

Imagine being on a huge ocean with lots of other boats all trying to get noticed. That’s what Lawyers UAE faced online with their WordPress website. But by using clever SEO strategies, they went from having 61.1K visitors in just one month! This case story will explain how they made this amazing transformation happen.

The Challenge

Before they worked on their SEO, Lawyers UAE had some big problems. Not many people visited their website when they searched online. It was like having a law firm with no clients coming in. Their website also had technical issues that made it slow and not work well on mobile phones. They had warnings and errors on Google that made things even worse.

The SEO Solution

Fixing Technical Problems on WordPress:
First, they fixed all the technical problems on their WordPress website. This made it faster and worked better on mobile phones.

Ahref Report

Condition before our work


This is the after-effect of our work

Performance Before Our Work


Performance After Our Work,


They made sure their website worked well on mobile phones. Before, some important things didn’t work well on mobiles, but they fixed it.

Product Snippets

Resolved issues and satisfied client. We fixed the problem and the client is happy with the results.


Merchant Listing

We have fixed the merchant listing issue on our WordPress website.


We have fixed the logo issue on our WordPress website.

Review Snippets


We have fixed the review snippet issues on our WordPress website.


We have fixed the video issues on our WordPress website.

Making the Website Better for Google

They found the right words that people used when searching for legal help and used those words on their website.
They wrote helpful content for people looking for legal advice.

Better Content on WordPress:

They got rid of bad content and focused on making the important parts of their WordPress website better.
They made sure their WordPress website gave Google the right information so it could show up in searches.

Client Satisfaction:

These changes had a big impact! In just one month, Lawyers UAE, with their WordPress website, went from 61.1K visitors. It’s like going from no clients to having lots of clients come to your law firm. The client was really happy with how things turned out.


The story of Lawyers UAE shows how SEO can make a big difference. By fixing technical issues, making content better, and being friends with Google, they turned their luck around. This story can inspire other businesses, whether they’re on WordPress or other platforms, to improve their online presence and do better in the digital world.

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