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Recently, we tackled the technical SEO challenges of Jade, a business offering immersive living experiences in the jungles of Belize.

Before: The website was not being indexed, prompting us to prioritize fixing its technical SEO issues to facilitate indexing.

We conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit using Ahrefs and focused on optimizing Google Search Console, particularly addressing issues with the sitemap. These efforts led to significant improvements, with the website now being indexed within a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, we resolved various issues such as broken links and redirects, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Attached is a screenshot showcasing the numerous issues identified during the Ahrefs audit.

Successful Resolution of Technical SEO Issues

We’re thrilled to announce the successful resolution of the technical SEO challenges faced by Jade, the premier provider of jungle living experiences in Belize.

After: Following our diligent efforts, we’re delighted to report that all identified issues have been effectively resolved, leading to the successful indexing of the website.

Our team meticulously addressed each issue identified during the audit, implementing necessary optimizations to ensure optimal performance. Notably, the website is now being indexed efficiently, marking a significant milestone in our SEO enhancement journey.

We extend our gratitude to the team for their dedication and expertise throughout this project, and we look forward to continued success as we further refine and optimize Jade’s online presence.

Google search console indexing status

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