How to Fix a Deceptive Site

How to Fix a Deceptive Site

Today; we have fixed the website security issue called “Deceptive site ahead”. It was destructive as the affected website was not opening and showing a red screen as it is going hurt website users. The Ads campaign was stopped so it was totally destructive. Let me explain how we solved this issue.

deceptive site ahead in Google chrome
deceptive website warning

I logged in to Google search console and found a notice with some affected file details

Click on “Full report” to see the details of the issue

I went ahead and fixed the infected files.

I have run a full site audit scan and configured sucuri firewall services.

Once we cleared the issue we can use request review in the Google search console

If you don’t have a Google search console then you can use the following link to request a review. Please click the link and change your website URL.

If you still have any questions or need help fixing it. Please contact us.