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The Team That Can Guarantee Loading Times Under 2 Seconds

Cope Business specializes in optimizing speed for WordPress sites of all shapes and sizes. Our speed optimization service can have your website loading in under two seconds and improve your Core Web Vitals. We can help you fix slow loading times, resolve Core Web Vitals issues, solve slow backend issues, improve Woocommerce checkout speed & much more with our WordPress Speed Optimization Services.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service From Cope Busines

We help small businesses, bloggers, and agencies boost their SEO rankings and conversion rates with our WordPress speed optimization services. We’ll analyze every aspect of your WordPress site, and ensure lightning-fast performance.

Is your WordPress site fast enough to keep users interested? If not, let Cope Business optimize it. Our experts are waiting to assist you! Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services help you provide the best user experience possible Contact us to get a FREE site speed audit, where a member of our team will examine your site and recommend how we can work with you to meet your goals and resolve your speed issues.


wordpress Speed Optimization Service

Websites that load slowly are annoying. When a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 43% of users lose patience and leave. By having a fast website, you will ensure a good customer experience and increase the chances of users visiting other pages on your website.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Content optimization, site structure, and microdata help make your site SEO-friendly. The load time of a page is a very important ranking factor for search engines. The faster your website is, the higher it’s ranking in search engine results, which in turn attracts more potential customers. An optimized website is therefore essential.

Improve Profits

Providing a better user experience boosts conversion rates and reduces bounce rates. Conversion rates can be boosted by a faster website. A delay of just 0.1 seconds can reduce conversion rates by 7%. So what if loading times were shortened by 5 seconds?

Cope Business


Consult a WordPress Speed Optimization expert today. We will discuss the speed of your website, review our plans, and answer any questions you may have.

Work with our team of experts to optimize your site for speed for a better user experience and an improved Google Core Web Vitals score.


WordPress Speed Optimization Can Make a Difference for You

WordPress speed optimization isn’t a silver bullet but it can certainly improve your website’s performance in more than just technical terms. The increased traffic can significantly increase page views, lower bounce rates, and longer dwell times for the website. The user experience will improve, resulting in higher conversions. All of these things relate to one another. A website’s overall performance can suffer even if you ignore the slightest under-performance of one aspect. A 1-second difference in loading speed can significantly affect a website’s performance.

Cope Business Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Your slow-loading  WordPress website is costing you thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Specifically, if you haven’t thought about this as a problem before, you will definitely need our help. Using our WordPress speed optimization service, we can improve your site’s speed from 15 to 50 percent and speed score from slow to fast (based on the access you provide). In order to achieve this, we will optimize several aspects of your website, including:

Configuration and setup of website caching
Reducing HTTP requests and redirects
Minimizing the time to first byte (TTFB)
Dedicated Hosting
Minify JavaScript & CSS
The compression and optimization of images
Struggling with a slow WordPress website?

We can help! You'll gain a higher GTMetrix score and score with other speed testing tools as well. We'll optimize your images, enable caching, minify files, enable compression, and recommend hosting that's blazing fast.

Enhance Your WordPress Site Speed with Cope Business

We provide robust Page Speed Optimization Services to help us achieve top search engine rankings

Exceptional Track Record

We have a team of qualified professionals and developers who are at the top of their game and can handle any project you give us. For this reason, we guarantee our clients a page speed load time of 2 seconds or less in GTMetrix & Google PageSpeed Insights. Over the past decade, we have optimized over a thousand WordPress websites and have yet to find a website we cannot optimize. Thus, you can trust us with your website, and we guarantee that we will get it to load within 2 seconds.

Over A Decade Of Experience
90+ Page Speed Insight Score (Guaranteed)
Less Than 2 Seconds Guaranteed Loading Time In GTmetrix
Functionality And Design Remain The Same.

Our Happy Clients!

Cope Business went above and beyond to help me speed up my website. I learned a couple of tricks on how to maintain a fast site from the process as well. Their service is so great, I’ll be telling all of my business friends and will definitely use them for future websites. Highly recommended. Thank you again, Cope Business!

Paul Jones

Our website was loading very slowly. We were extremely pleased with Cope Business, especially Ash, who worked on our site. In addition to increasing our site’s speed by over 90%, Ash was patient and knowledgeable, and really went the extra mile for us. They are a great company! Thanks again!

Laura Gal
Laura Gale

Everyone who wants to speed up their WordPress website should use Cope Business. Despite struggling for years to get our busy site faster, Cope Business and the team managed to do it within just a week. They are very professional and fast to reply to emails. These guys know what they’re doing. Thanks for all your help.

Matt Elmore

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